Freixenet Sparkling wines from Spain
Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain

Freixenet cava sparkling winesAbout Freixenet

"What's the secret of good wine? There isn't one. The land and the vines give us their best, while we contribute all our skills of refinement, along with experience and ingenuity."
- José Ferrer Sala

Freixenet (pronounced "fresh-eh-net"), best known for its "black bottle bubbly" Cordon Negro, is a family-owned company that grew from humble beginnings in rural Catalunya. The roots of Freixenet stretch back to 1861 and are embedded in the history of two longstanding winemaking families, the Ferrers and the Salas, whose expertise, determination and ingenuity intertwined to form the foundation of the company that today is the world leader in méthode champenoise sparkling wines.

While Freixenet may be the largest maker of traditional method sparkling wine, quality remains our number one objective. The company focuses solely on méthode champenoise wines, and continually innovates and invests in the latest winemaking technology to ensure a consistent, excellent product.

The proof, as they say, is in the bottle: today, the most oft-popped corks in the world say "Freixenet."




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