Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain
Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain

Freixenet Carta Nevada Semi Dry sparkling wineThe Buzz about Reserva

Everyone has been talking about the new hot film by Martin Scorsese. "The Key to Reserva" is based on the few remaining pages of a never-produced Alfred Hitchcock script. Scorsese brings these pages to life, following the mystery of a key to a box containing a bottle of Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut.

Scorsese pays homage to Hitchcock by filming the story in parody of Hitchcock classics such as North by Northwest, Rear Window, Frenzy and The Birds. The film also includes interviews with Scorsese and behind the scenes footage.

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Scorsese Wine Film a Sparkling Ad
"The short Net film, which is being shown in movie theatres, produced by director Martin Scorsese on behalf of Spanish winemaker Freixenet is an example of what more ad agencies and brands should be doing in the field of brand content."
- David Kiley,, 12/04/07
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Martin Scorsese directs Freixenet advert
"The advert, which purports to use a lost Alfred Hitchock scene and uses many of the legendary director's cinematic styles, is currently showing on television and in cinemas throughout Spain."
- Oliver Styles, Decanter, 12/5/7
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Hitchcock Homage Celebrates Carta Nevada Reserva Sparkling Wine
"The film has Scorsese offering his vision of Carta Nevada Reserva, portraying the cava as a true cultural product."
-, 12/4/07

Scorsese directs Hitchcockian cava commercial
"Martin Scorsese has once again swapped epic movies for commercials - after filming an eight-minute advert for cava brand Friexenet. The Goodfellas moviemaker is behind The Key To Reserva, the beverage's new Christmas 2007 advertisement, in which he pays homage to legendary director Alfred Hitchcock."
-, 12/3/07

Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut

Carta Nevada Brut is Freixenet's fruitiest style brut. It is considered an easy introduction to cava for those who have little wine experience.


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