Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain
Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain

Cordon Rosado Brut

Freixenet Cordon Rosado, was created to meet consumer demand for a premium sparkling wine that is smoother, softer and "friendlier" than brut with an appealing and attractive color.

-- Tasting Notes --
This sparkling wine is fresh, crisp and lively. It is full of ripe cherry and berry flavors with a body that is exceptionally smooth and satiny. It is surprisingly dry with a long and satisfying finish.

-- Acclaim --
"This is always a really good buy among rosé sparklers and a personal favorite in the Best Buy category. It opens with red fruit, vanilla and yeasty aromas, but it’s racy, crisp and refined in the mouth, with nectarine, peach and controlled citrus flavors. It’s dry, spicy and fairly smooth on the finish."
- Wine Enthusiast Magazine, October 2012

-- Winemaking --
The harvest begins at the end of September with the Trepat, and is followed at the beginning of October with the Garnacha. We chose the Trepat for the very special aromatic characteristics which it gives to both still wines and Cavas. The first fermentation takes places in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks between 59°- 63°F. To these tanks we add selected yeasts from our own Freixenet collection of cultures to start the first fermentation. This lasts between 10 and 12 days, and when it is over we rack the wines and filter them in preparation for blending, bottling and the secondary fermentation is begun in the bottle.

-- Blend --
The grape varieties used in the creation of the base wine for this Cava are Trepat and Garnacha. Mediterranean red grapes are naturally lower in acid creating a softer brut without the typical astringent acidity found in most sparkling wines. These red grapes are also responsible for the attractive salmon-pink color of the wine.

-- Analysis --
Alcohol by volume: 12%
Total Acidity: .38 grams per 100 ml
Dosage: 9 grams per Liter or 0.9%
pH: 2.95
Aging: Between 12 and 18 months




Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain Freixenet cava wines from Spain Freixenet Cordon Rosado Brut - Sparkling rose wine