Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain
Freixenet sparkling wines from Spain

Thank-You Notes

Freixenet sparkling winesYou might remember when, as a child, your mother hounding you about writing thank-you notes to every friend and family member who gave you a birthday present. While her nagging may have gotten tiresome, the thought behind sending a thank-you note will never get old. It is one of those simple, thoughtful gestures that go a long ways.

Absolutely, positively must send a thank-you note:
- When someone has given a party for you. A letter of thanks to your host(s), party planners and people who gave you gifts, toasts and testimonials will show appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and thoughtfulness.
- After any formalized event such as a shower or wedding. For these events it can be helpful to have someone write down who gave you what gift, which helps when writing the thank-you notes.

You really should write a thank-you note
- After a dinner party to which you and a small group of others were specifically invited in advance.
- After a fabulous bash that took a lot of effort on your host's part. If you had a blast, loved the food, and/or made new friends, include that information in the note.
- Following any event in which you were a "wild-card" candidate - that is, if you're new in town, or you're a significant other invited out of consideration for your mate, or if it's the first time one of your business friends has had you into his or her home.
- After one or more nights as a houseguest, to thank your host for opening up their home.

A phone call will do
- After an annual event, like a friend's New Year's Eve party that you've gone to for five years running.
- Following a spontaneous or very casual gathering

You're off the hook
- When the party was hosted by a corporation, restaurant, or nightclub. Ditto movie premieres, awards dinners (unless you won something - see Item #1), and any event to which you paid submission.






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