Serving Sparkling Wine

Serving Sparkling Wine

Have clean glassware at the ready, neatly arranged and ready for the pour.

Freixenet bubbly will give you maximum bubbles and maximum enjoyment when properly chilled to 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure to refrigerate your bottles for about 3 hours, or immerse them in ice water for about 30 minutes (never chill in the freezer).

After you have read our tips on opening your bottle of Freixenet, you can now pop that cork with confidence!
You can, of course, enjoy Freixenet from any kind of glass, but the ideal glass is a tall flute, which will preserve the bubbles the longest.

After you’ve popped the cork, wrap the bottle with a cloth napkin to catch any drips, and bring the glass to the lip of the bottle and tip to pour slowly. Pour in small amounts, going back to each glass two or three times to pour to just past half full. Filling the flute to the brim may cause the wine to warm too much before it can be enjoyed, but with the glass half full, the contents stay chilled, and the bubbles are perfect. Cheers!

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